Honey - Hay Fever 280g


Honey for Hay Fever, Victoria Honey 280g Glass Jar Honey 

Rather than antihistamines could a spoon of local honey a day help cure hay fever? Some swear by it, some question it. The theory being having a spoonful of honey each day works as one tries to switch off the allergic reaction by repeatedly ingesting small doses of the allergen e.g. 'Pollen'

Leading up to Spring we have a number of inquiries for local honey from specific areas, mainly the CBD. Because we don't harvest from our hives all year, our bees are building their numbers and bringing in pollen and nectar whilst everyone is in sufferance. 

To help everyone affected we have reserved an amount of honey from all the mixed cappings from all our hives around Melbourne (specifically  Spring). This ensures you get the help you need as well as it will be full of pollen from all over Melbourne.  


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