Real local honey has a wonderful complex flavour as it has not been blended or subjected to high temperatures so all the aromas of the local flowers are preserved and the health giving elements are untouched. 

We extract the honey raw and unprocessed. Hosts receive a honey share with the balance being sold back to the community via retailers.

From the earliest times man used this natural product to heal, nourish, purify and protect. Many people who have hay fever problems buy local honey - the theory being that they gradually build up a resistance to local pollens by eating small amounts of honey from their area.

Bees travel 2-5kms from their hive collecting pollen and nectar. Our hives currently cover large parts of the Melbourne CBD and surrounds. All locations are kept seperate and then dispensed and labelled according to their location, some honey from the city you can even purchase by the street location! 

Honey may granulate after a few months, this is natural and if you prefer it runny place the jar in warm water (not over 45 degrees) and it will go back to its liquid state. 

We supply 100% Raw Honey - no additives or heat treatments, only mother natures all natural food straight from the hive. 

In season honey can be purchased through one of our Stockist or via our Online Store