The Project

Since starting in November 2010, we have already received overwhelming support from the local community by numerous individuals and businesses.  Our plan is to put beehives on a rooftops (or gardens) in the City and hopefully one day, each and every suburb of Melbourne.  With your help, we will get there.

We operate by installing, maintaining and caring for the honey bee by using a mix of conventional & natural beekeeping methods.  We raise funds by getting local businesses to sponsor hives in order to keep maintaining and keep rolling out beehives in Melbourne. 

All of the hives have been re-homed from caught swarms by us.  Hives are checked approximately every 10 -14 days during Spring, Summer & Autumn as per tasks needed with seasonal variations  – during the Winter months we leave them alone, only after we are confident they have enough to honey stores to survive during this period.

Currently we have 25 hives in the CBD, with a total of 120 hives placed around the Melbourne fringe + suburbs. With 400+ individuals and businesses wanting to get involved by adopting and or sponsoring a hive.

Our Supporters include:


    This is an opportunity for people to get involved and learn about beekeeping, as well as sharing a portion of the honey for the gesture.  We extract the honey raw and unprocessed.  Individuals can purchase their own local honey with the balance being sold back to the City community.   

    A vision of a greener more sustainable future for Melbourne.