Local Friends

Here you will find some of our friends & favourite Australian beekeeping links:

  • ACT for Bees
    ACT for Bees is raising awareness of the importance of bees and other pollinators and ways to help them thrive! They are in Canberra.
  • Bec's Beehive
    Beekeeping gear and supplies for every Beekeeper. Bec is a sideliner Beekeeper who just loves her bees so her gear & programs are designed with care. becsbeehive.com.au

  • Ben's Bees
    Ben is a passionate beekeeper who specialises in bee and swarm removal in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. bensbees.com.au

  • Bee the Cure
    Save the Bees Australia’s aim is to unite like minded people and raise awareness. They operate from the Mornington Peninsula - you can help Bee the Cure

  • CERES Bee Group 
    The CERES Bee group meets once a month in Brunswick and is open to the public as a visitor or member. 

  • Centre for Integrative Bee Research
    Located at the University of Western Australia, CIBER is dedicated to facilitate interdisciplinary research on honeybees. www.ciber.science.uwa.edu.au

  • The Australian Native Bee Research Centre
    An incredible source of information on the 1600+ native bees species in Australia: www.aussiebee.com

  • The Beekeepers Club Inc.
    The Beekeepers Club Inc. is a group in the North East of Melbourne. The majority of its members are beekeeping hobbyists and enthusiasts. There is also a handy swarm collectors list
  • MADGE Australia
    MADGE are a network of individuals interested in how our food is grown and the effects it has on our health. They are concerned about the lack of adequate labelling and testing of GM foods. They advocate on behalf of consumers for the right to know what is in our food. They promote information on natural foods and healthy farming practices. We think our bee friends would be happy to know that MADGE cares about ours and their food.

  • Perm-Apiculture - Natural Beekeeping Group
    A Perm-apiculture group founded to promote and support sustainable beekeeping using natural practices in Melbourne. Great resource with lots of wonderful blog articles for beekeepers who care about their bees.