In The Media

There has been lots of buzz around town and overseas with what we have been up to. We are very grateful for all the support we receive from our wonderful city we call home.

  • Festival 21 - Dec 2015
    From bee hotels, bee highways, backyard beekeeping - compassion and human ingenuity are taking place the world over in an effort to protect these precious creatures that are vitally linked to our food and survival. Spot us with the city skyline behind us. 

  • Goethe Institute Australia - Dec 2015
    Lisa McMillan visits us on the roof in Spring, the beginning of our season here in Melbourne - High Not Mitey 
  • The Weekly Review - March 2015
    Sarah Harris visits us on the Jam Factory Rooftop - Sweet in the city

  • CreativeMornings Melbourne - November 2014
    Wonderful talks from CreativeMornings which is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. 

    • The Age Good Food Guide 2015 Awards - September 2014
      Winners of the 2015 Innovation Award - thank you Melbourne!  Pick of the Plates
    • Herald Sun - November 2013
      Why Melbourne is so hot right now - Rooftop Buzz
    • Melbourne 3000 Magazine - October 2013
      Busy Bees - Miss Meaningful Column
    • Australian Geographic - January 2013
      Honey from the Heart - In a bid to ensure the honeybee's survival, do-it-yourself hobbyists are installing hives in backyards and on rooftops across Australia. Hives for Humanity
    • Assemble Papers - October 2012
      The story of bees is also the story of food security and ultimately, our future. We speak about bee health and proactive sustainability with Eugenia.The Barometry of Bees

    • SevenCanaries - October 2012
      We are now almost half way through spring, yes for some of us the weather has been reluctant to commit itself to spring. Yet there are blossoms on our trees and the garden is beginning to bloom. Can you Imagine what Life would be like without Bees?
    • BeanScene - October 2012
      As the months get warmer, BeanScene speaks to us while we watch over the rooftops of Melbourne. Rooftop Buzz
    • Melbourne News - September 2012
      Melbourne has always been about diversity: let's embrace it and learn from one another in the form of connecting people to food What Food Means to Us

    • Jetstar Magazine - September 2012
      Out and About, Urban Beekeeping profiling Sydney and Melbourne Jetstar Out and About

    • ArchitectureAu - September 2012
      In an effort to help raise the profile of urban apiaries and the plight of honeybees both locally and around the world, it is hoped that visitors will develop enthusiasm for the practice of rooftop beekeeping as a sustainable opportunity for urban centres, inspiring similar projects. A toast to the urban honey bee

    • The Age, Melbourne Life - Sept 2012
      How can you tell a friendly bee from an unfriendly one? It's simple - bring a swarm home and get to know them Pair buzzing as working bees take to the city
    • Fed Square Rooftop Honey - Sept 2012
      Very excited to announce, soon to be Urban apiary in the heart of Melbourne Federation Square Rooftop Honey

    • Milk Bar Mag Video - May 2012

      The Milk Bar Mag spend the afternoon with us. They share what they captured along with some lovely words about us.

      Vanessa and Mat are two sincere and down to earth people committed to doing their part to raise awareness of the honey bee. And, of course, producing some truly unique Melbourne produce at the same time.

      Melbourne City Rooftop Honey from Milk Bar Mag on Vimeo.  

    • Smart Planet - January 2012
      Melbourne - the practice of urban beekeeping is not a new concept; Paris, Berlin, London, Toronto, San Francisco and New York City are all part of a global movement to bring apiculture to the cities. Lieu Thi Pham has the story.Urban beekeeping thrives on Melbourne rooftops

    • The Age, Epicure - January 2012
      Future set to dish up the past. 2012 will be about connecting with food communities predicts Jill Dupleix. Cover Story, The Age

    • InDesignLive - Beekeeping On Melbourne's Rooftops - November 2011
      Melbourne's Rooftops Melbourne's urban landscape is abuzz thanks to Melbourne City Rooftop Honey, who are bringing bees back to the city. Annie Reid has the story. InDesignLive
    • The City Of Port Phillip - Divercity #59 October/November 2011
      Rooftop honey - natures working bee. Hot on our heels, this only happened this week. Check out Page 7: Divercity #59 Oct/Nov 2011

    • The Milk Bar - September 2011
      The Milk Bar is an independent guide to the best of Melbourne. Updated daily and covering everything from food and freebies to art and architecture, the Milk Bar is your cultural and creative guide to the city. Dan Kuseta wrote this wonderful and very funny piece on us when he came along to talk bees and tour the hives at La Luna Bistro in Carlton. Read more: The Rooftop Beekeepers

    • The Age, Epicure - September 2011
      Bee-keepers are fighting a lonely battle to defend the country from an invading swarm, by Richard Cornish. Read more: Sting in the tail

    • Virgin Australia, Voyeur - September 2011
      Hive of Activity - There's a real buzz surrounding this new green enterprise. Read more: Food & Wine Explore

    • Broadsheet, Food & Drink - July 2011
      Urban beekeepers from Melbourne City Rooftop Honey share with us their plan to bring bees back to the city and muse on why local restaurants are clamouring to get their own hives. Read More: Broadsheet - Making Honey on Rooftops for Restaurants

    • Photographer Cory White, Mr Blanc - July 2011
      MrBlanc is the side project of Australian photographer Cory White - Cory took some brilliant shots of us and did aphoto essay on Mat and the Craft of Beekeeping

    • A Hive Of Activity, City Weekly - June 2011
      Sitting in the beer garden of Trunk Bar & Restaurant in the heart of the city, Vanessa Kwaitkowski and Mat Lumalasi are buzzing with ambition while bees hum in the background. Read more: Melbourne City Weekly

    • Glassware Project 'Bee Brave', Crisp Green - June 2011
      Crisp Green explores this movement, reporting on  the freshest, crispest new designs, technology, and ideas so you can stay in the loop and ahead of the curve. Read more: Glassware Project  Shows The Beauty Of  Beekeeping

    • Design Thinking Urban Beekeepers, Indesignlive - June 2011
      Protecting the vanishing honeybee population through design? Read more:Design Thinking Urban Beekeepers

    • Jetstar Magazine - May 2011
      When Melburnians Vanessa Kwiatkowski and Mat Lumalasi got some backyard bees, they realised they had a higher purpose. Read more:Something Special In My Backyard 

    • Moonee Valley Leader - April 2011
      A North Melbourne couple’s townhouse balcony has proved the bee’s knees for a budding business. Read more:Buzz-ness is looking up

    • Food Magazine - March 2011
      The incursion of the Asian honeybee in North Queensland could deliver a painful sting to Australia’s food industry if left unmanaged, writes Rita Mu. Read more: The Asian Bee, A sting to the Food Industry

    • Melbourne Leader - March 2011
      Melbourne is being turned into a hive of beekeeping activity, thanks to a business concept creating a buzz in Australia and abroad. Read more: Busy Bees Creating a Melbourne Buzz 

    • The Age - February 2011
      In Paris they've had them for centuries, and now Melbourne is discovering high-rise hives. Read more: On the city's roofs, keepers get that swarm and buzzy feeling

    • The Awesome Foundation - February 2011
      At our first micro-trustee dinner we were faced with a massive task ahead. Deciding which of the 32 AMAZING applicants we had to pick. After much deliberation and a fair bit of discussion around the table, we finally reached a verdict. Read more: Awesome Melbourne 1st Grant, The Awesome Foundation

    • Epicure - December 2010
      Some very hip urban bees have taken up residence on the roof of Ladro, but they were definitely invited. Read more: Busy Bees at Ladro