Adopt a Hive - Off Site Sponsorships

Always wanted your own bees but don't have the space or permission? 

Want to help support local bee populations in return for a delicious reward?

An alternative way to get involved with our project. We are now offering a remote apiary hive sponsorship program where we will look after the bees for you at one of apiary sites and give you some of the delicious rewards in return.

The perfect self gift or for the honey lover in your life.

Currently you can choose from local metro honey in the Banyule area or our two regional apiary sites located in Bendigo & Flowerdale. This will be expanded to more locations as the project grows. There are numerous packages are available to suit everyone. 

The bees will be maintained by us & experienced beekeepers in a manner which is in the best interest of the bees. The bees come first, always! 

The 2022/2023 season has come to an end, we'll be looking forward to this Spring when we get to play with our winged friends again.

We are now open once again for sponsorships for the 2023/2024 season, to be delivered in Autumn (April/May) 2024.

Advantages of Adopting a Hive

  • Making an important contribution to the environment and waste reduction bypassing the supermarkets and shops
  • You get your very own honey from your very own bees, in personalised jars, delivered to your door
  • Helping raise the number of bees in the community and helping to build an army of healthy pollinators in response to some of the challenges that bees are facing around the world
  • Being part of a wider community that wants to know how their food is really being produced