Sponsor A Hive - Onsite

We offer sponsorship to Individuals, Business’ or Corporations who are willing to support a hive - there are so many honey bees that need homes.

Sponsorship $ go towards materials we use to re-home bees (bee boxes, frames, beekeeping equipment and supporting the people who spend their time to look after bees in the community).

We visit each hive approximately 14 times a year to ensure they are happy and healthy!

Sponsorship involves an annual fee which includes:

  • The opportunity to host a hive at your own location, which is fully maintained by us.
  • Up to 20% or 10kgs (whichever comes first) of the honey share (this is dependent on honey flow)
  • Opportunity throughout the year to participate in the various aspects of beekeeping and honey extraction.
  • Learn about Beekeeping with direct contact with us, you are welcome to observe and be part of what we do.

We are seeking sponsorships in the CBD as well as suburbs where we have bees placed. Due to logistics we cannot take on more hives in locations where we currently do not have bees. 

Contact us to discuss your location & suitability for bees.