Mentoring Sessions

Like to know more about bees? want to know if keeping them is for you? 

We feel that mentoring is a great learning approach. For the seasons of Spring through to mid Autumn we run mentoring sessions which we host at onsite with our bees.

See & Learn About Urban Bees in the CBD

What we do is meet up somewhere along one of our routes, we visit a couple of sites - that way we can talk theory and people can see in practice as well. We like to show people a variety of hives in different stages (I.e. - a re homed colony, a large productive hive, a newly installed hive)
  • Time wise allocation of approx 4 hours
  • Cost: $180 (max 2 persons) 
Please advise if there are issues with heights or if there is a preference to see hives in gardens (on the ground) some people are fascinated with the rooftop hives we have, yet they are not always practical or possible to show. 
  • Clothing: covered shoes are ideal, we provide all protective gear. Light/comfortable clothing (ideally not black) Please also refrain from wearing perfume/strong scents.
If you would like to book a mentoring session for yourself or as a gift for you and a friend you can prepay for a session and organise a date when convenient.

Mentoring sessions will be available again this up coming Spring, once the bees become active via Trybooking. All dates will be scheduled a month in advance.
*Those who have a e-certificate from Weteachme please contact us and quote your reference number.

If you already have your own bees, we also offer customised consulting to hive owners who may be experiencing issues with your hive or lacking expertise with particular beekeeping tasks. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements.