Honey - Ethical Honey 500g


Rooftop Honey has a sister brand!

Ethical Honey has grown out of a concern for not only the treatment of bees, also the beekeepers by ensuring the get a fair price for their honey. The bees that produce our honey are respected and cared for in a way they deserve.

We know that you care about what you are eating, therefore we've searched far and wide to find delicious honey - carefully selected from only the best sources for a great tasting product.

  • We ensure that the bees get to eat their own honey & not being fed sugar syrup.
  • Our honey is 100% pure honey, collected straight from hives over the Australian beekeeping season.
  • Each beekeeping season we we'll present the best of two that we have sourced. Easy for your tastebuds, fair on your wallet too!
  • This season we have a beautiful Light - Yellow Box from the Central Goldfields Region and Medium - Christmas Mallee from the Mallee Region. You can purchase here or find out more by visiting our new site 

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