Off Site Hive Sponsorships - 3kg Metro Honey


Always wanted your own bees but don't have the space or permission? 

    We are now offering a remote apiary hive sponsorship program where we will look after the bees for you at one of two apiary sites, one metro and one regional and give you some of the delicious rewards in return.

    • 3 x 1kg of Melbourne Metro Honey delivered to your door at the end of the beekeeping season
    • Hive located in the Darebin area & looked after by us
    • Personalised with your own name - let us know the name you wish to have on your jars, either your own or who you want to give the honey to
    • Shipping included to one location within Australia
    • more detailed information
    The 2016/2017 season has come to an end we look forward to Spring when we get to play with our winged friends again. We are now taking sponsorships for the 2017/2018 season, to be delivered in Autumn 2018.

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