Seeds - Bee Friendly - Lemon Balm (Herb)


It isn't difficult to make your backyard, vegetable garden or even patio space a haven for beneficial bees. You'll be helping these important insects, as well as bringing a little nature to your back door. When you attract bees to your backyard you also improve the bees' quality of life you by planting a variety of plants bees just love. Think about it in terms of food, to have a strong and healthy immune system, we need variety in our diets - so do bees! 



"Bee herb" Lemon balm or Melissa is a great fragrant herb with a lemon smell and flavour that can be used in teas and drinks and also is said to help with relaxation. Good in most climates although it tends to die down in winter before shooting again in Spring.

  • Easy to grow Perennial - approx 1m
  • Sow: Spring-Autumn cooler areas
  • Position: Sunny sheltered spot
  • Prefers a sunny position, sow 5mm, germinates 16-24days
  • Harvest throughout the year as required  

(30+ seeds approx - each pack is hand folded)

Seeds are sourced from old traditional open pollinated, non-hybrid varieties & are not chemically treated or genetically engineered.