Seeds - Bee Friendly - Hyssop (Herb)


It isn't difficult to make your backyard, vegetable garden or even patio space a haven for beneficial bees. You'll be helping these important insects, as well as bringing a little nature to your back door. When you attract bees to your backyard you also improve the bees' quality of life you by planting a variety of plants bees just love. Think about it in terms of food, to have a strong and healthy immune system, we need variety in our diets - so do bees! 



This is a very ancient herb whose name is virtually unchanged from its greek title and is even mentioned in the bible. It attracts bees and butterflies but repels the cabbage white moth. It is also an ingredient in eu de cologne and has a positive effect of the central nervous system making it useful for lung conditions.

  • Sow in Spring and summer
  • Sow 2mm or on surface as they require light to germinate, seedlings emerge 7-30 days

(30 seeds approx - each pack is hand folded)

Seeds are sourced from old traditional open pollinated, non-hybrid varieties & are not chemically treated or genetically engineered.