Seeds - Bee Friendly - Borage (Herb)


It isn't difficult to make your backyard, vegetable garden or even patio space a haven for beneficial bees. You'll be helping these important insects, as well as bringing a little nature to your back door. When you attract bees to your backyard you also improve the bees' quality of life you by planting a variety of plants bees just love. Think about it in terms of food, to have a strong and healthy immune system, we need variety in our diets - so do bees! 



This is tall annual growing to 90cm and is a great companion to strawberries. The plant produces blue star shaped flowers which are good bee forage and the young leaves can be used in salads and for garnishes. The plant is also said to possess calmative properties and ‘gladden the heart’. Also said to concentrate potassium in the body.

  • Sow in Spring, summer and Autumn – frost sensitive
  • Sow 5mm, seedlings emerge 10-14 days
  • Flowers approx. 8-10 weeks after sowing

(5-10 seeds - each pack is hand folded)

Seeds are sourced from old traditional open pollinated, non-hybrid varieties & are not chemically treated or genetically engineered.