Seeds - Bee Friendly - Basil Holy (Herb)


It isn't difficult to make your backyard, vegetable garden or even patio space a haven for beneficial bees. You'll be helping these important insects, as well as bringing a little nature to your back door. When you attract bees to your backyard you also improve the bees' quality of life you by planting a variety of plants bees just love. Think about it in terms of food, to have a strong and healthy immune system, we need variety in our diets - so do bees! 



Sacred Basil or Tulsi, slender green leaves, hairy purplish stem, musky and slightly mint scent, often grown in houses, gardens and near temples in India, said to be a tonic aiding digestion. The leaves are used for herbal tea and added to salads. In herbal medicine the distilled oil is used as an antibiotic and insect repellent. It is attractive to bees and beneficial insects. It does well in containers and is traditionally grown for good luck near the front door of the house. Holy Basil is an annual in cool areas, and a short-lived perennial in frost-free areas.

  • Sow in Spring and Summer
  • Sow seed in warm conditions, the best germination soil temperature is 23 - 30°C
  • Germination will take 3 - 9 days. Sow into a seed-raising tray and cover seed lightly to 5 mm deep
  • Plant the seedlings out into a position in full sun with moderately rich, well-drained soil

(30+ seeds approx - each pack is hand folded)

Seeds are sourced from old traditional open pollinated, non-hybrid varieties & are not chemically treated or genetically engineered.