Pre-order Spring Nucleus Colonies - October 2017 Pick Up


We supply 5 frame nucs* with an established laying queen and a healthy bee population.  The colonies are bred from specially selected docile stock and are checked for good brood pattern and absence of disease.

Nucleus hives will be available from October which are breed from queens supplied by a renowned beekeeper with Caucasian x Carniloan blood lines.

  • Caucasian x Carniloan Bees are known for being gentle, with long tongues, less prone to robbing & display excellent hygienic traits

Timing of pick ups will be determined once the signs of Spring are here and the bees have had enough time to establish themselves.

The brand new corflute boxes are non-returnable and can be re-purposed for swarm catching or storage of spare equipment.  

Price $225 (incl GST)  

* A nuc (nucleus) is a small self-contained 5-frame hive.  Nucs are especially suited to starting a colony since, due to the restricted size, the smaller number of bees are able to manage hive temperature and defend the space.  Once the hive builds up, the bees and combs are simply transferred into a full size home.  Nucs are a good way to start beekeeping, since small colonies are less defensive and so less intimidating for a new beekeeper. An instruction sheet for transfer and initial care of the colony is supplied with each nuc.