Summer 2014

Thanks to all of our amazing supporters, it has been a good Spring for bees with all of our hives building up in strong numbers.

There has been loads of pollen and nectar coming in with the city as usual first to kick off. The Angophora's have flowered and has given a number of hives in the CBD beautiful lemon hints with other exotics like Jacaranda.

The suburbs followed with hives filling up in some cases 'a box a week' - the natives have been prolific in the suburbs with lots of flowering Paperbark, Grevillea, Spotted Gum and Ironbark to name a few.

As we are now in the middle of our season here in Melbourne, at the moment our current task at hand is management and harvesting of hives. It looks to be a continuing good season! 

We've had a lot of smaller harvests leading up to Christmas, for now though hold on tight, lots of honey coming really soon.

Sunshine Smiles - Melbourne City Rooftop Honey

We supply 100% Raw Honey - no additives or heat treatments, only mother natures all natural food straight from the hive.

In season honey can be purchased through one of our Stockist or via our Online Store